Private meets Purpose.

Meet Basecamp, the first private air travel club of its kind offering a members-only service for a modest quarterly fee of $450 or $1500 annually (a 20% discount). Our Members—entrepreneurs, adventure seekers and regional business travelers—enjoy an effortless flying experience that saves valuable time with every trip. Flights are available to and from convenient airports like North Houston/Conroe; Vail/Eagle and Toronto Island, with additional regions and destinations to follow.


Our Thesis


At Basecamp, we strive at every turn to redefine your notion of what is possible on a vacation. Our approach combines singular service — such as a private passage by road and jet to America’s national parks, or a group size of 8 guests on the ultimate ski trip to Aspen or Vail. Basecamp lets you discover hidden gem destinations off the beaten path by flying directly to them, however small the airport near them might be. Our planes and pilots are highly trained to make short-field take offs and landings, getting you closer to the action than ever before.


Leadership Team


Kartik Ram

Director, North America

Kartik Ram is a Director at Basecamp. Kartik is a fintech executive with a string of successful exits.


Israel Luzunaris Jr.

Investor Relations, Chief Pilot

Israel Luzunaris Jr. is the CEO of Evolve Air, the modern aircraft fleet behind Basecamp.


Gregg Stewart

Director, EMEA

Gregg Stewart is the Director of UK and Europe at Basecamp, based in London, England.


The Experience Economy meets Private Travel