Our Manifesto

We believe the greatest luxury is access and understanding, and this can’t be bought, but must be earned. Money can only take us part of the way there.


 The Basecamp® Innovation


Modern Luxury Fleet

We invest millions of dollars in our planes and then, customize them to meet Basecamp’s standards. This guarantees a consistent flying experience unlike any other charter service with legacy, older planes.

Brand Association

We are a community that connects you to extraordinary travel experiences, with brands and tastemakers we admire and respect. These include Airstream, Patagonia, REI and others.

Dynamic Pricing

Basecamp members often pay less than traditional charter or even first class. Our AI-driven yield management results in lower-cost private legs than virtually any charter service.


 Where do you want to go today?

Let us craft a travel experience that brings to life the passion, and raison d'etre, of what you do. Imagine the stories and engagement that will follow. Let’s have some fun together.